If only Dion would have me, I'd actually be in a doo-wop group. But you gotta start somewhere, and we have an album cover.

The photo was inspired by album covers of the late '50s, like these...

I loved the line "They sing...they swing" in that perfect '50s font.

Mello-Kings, anyone? Bueller?

Pink dress and a red curtain background? Had to have it.

Jennifer doing her karaoke version of "At Last."

We used a stock image for our background, but we shot ourselves individually against the burgundy drapes in our living room, to make the Photoshop cropping less noticeable.

Don't ask me how I happened to have a vintage blue sparkle smoking jacket in my closet. Let's just say this probably confirms for you how cool I am. But I only had one, so we had to share.

Little grown-up boy. Looks like Kevin Bacon in "Diner."

"Ticket please? Enjoy the show." Samuel's audition for "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

"When that shark bites..." Todd's audition for "Beyond the Sea," in which an aging Kevin Spacey tries to play a 37-year-old.

I will leave you with some uplifting holiday music. Long live Dion. Long live Doo-Wop. Long live Rock'n'Roll.